Re: [gardeners] pollardizing?

Ron Hay (
Tue, 10 Jul 2001 08:42:55 -0700

Good morning, Jane,

Next time you are in L.A., check out some of the villas along the
"Riviera" along Sunset Boulevard, by the Riviera Country Club (where
they often hold the Masters' Tournament). Nearby, to the west (actually
south) of the CC, there are numerous opulent Mediterranean villas upon
the grounds of which one will find superb examples of pollarded coral

These trees are called coral trees because their seeds look just like
beads of deep, red coral.

We picked up a seed from one such tree outside the UCLA Faculty Center
on our way home from church, and the tree, in two years, has grown to a
height of about 4 feet. We can hardly wait to see it produce its long
bracts of flaming red flowers!

Enjoy your garden!