Re: [gardeners] organic fungus/insect control (
Tue, 10 Jul 2001 11:49:41 EDT

Powder mildew on phlox and bee balm
black spot on roses
Japanese beetles on most anything
distorted leaves on roses
discolored leaves/rot on geranium
rust on hollyhock
holes in hosta
flowers that seem to not bloom completely (I address this with fertilizers 

That should be more specific. You can tell that I usually try to get a "one 
kind fits all". I use Funginol and Sevin as my primary treatments. I have 
also tried the systemic products for roses. I have Orthene, Malathion, and 
Benomyl in the cabinet. I can never remember which to use on which plant 
problems. I need to make a list on my cabinet door or write with permanent 
marker on the bottle. I would like to get away from these chemicals and go 
with more organic treatments.