RE: [gardeners] Eggplant Grinder

W. Arons (
Wed, 11 Jul 2001 14:13:05 -0500

In Detroit I grew up enjoying something called a "Boston cooler" which is,
of course, something people in Boston have never heard of.  If memory
serves correctly, it was Vernors soda (a type of ginger ale that used to
only be available in the Detroit area, but now is more ubiquitous) and
vanilla ice cream.  My dad was a soda "jerk" as a teen, and would make
these for us.

And of course you can get something called an "egg cream" in NYC which
doesn't contain eggs, so why not a milkshake in Boston w/o milk...

But here's a gardening question:  do you need to blanch peas before drying
them (for eating), or can you just let 'em dry??  And if I was
(hypothetically, of course, ahem) negligent and let a bunch of peas dry on
the vine until they're practically little stones, can I save these to plant
next year, or should I just throw them away?


>--- Margaret Lauterbach <>
>> Whoa! I don't have a clue what "breve" is other than
>> in "alla breve", and
>> since when did milkshakes not contain ice cream?
>> Margaret L
>In Boston milkshakes don't contain ice cream.
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