[gardeners] Creating a living gazebo``

Carol J. Bova (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 12 Jul 2001 01:15:39 -0700

I had an appointment in Pasadena yesterday, and stopped off at the Hortus 
nursery.  They have an archway of espalliered pear trees trained on what 
looks like a welded rebar frame.  It was about 4 feet wide and 7 feet high, 
maybe 40 ft long, and just wonderful to walk under on a hot day. The trees 
were all bearing fruit, which was dangling from the top and sides. The 
branches were full enough to be graceful and green, and open enough to see 
through to some of the plants beyond.

  I'm wondering if I could build on the concept and develop a kind of 
living gazebo to act as both a central feature in the back yard and a shade 
canopy for outdoor dining.  What trees might be suitable? Could I mix 
species to have different fruits at different seasons? Would semi-dwarfs 
accept training into an arched form?

Before getting this idea, I was planning to get a summer fruiting orange, a 
winter orange (or tangerine or tangelo), a semi-dwarf apricot, and hadn't 
decided on at least 2 more varieties.  Probably will add an avocado, maybe 
a fig, off to the sides. (Already have 2 prolific pomegranates, a lemon 
tree and a grape vine.)

What do you all think?
         Sunland, CA
        Sunset Zone 19

Carol J. Bova       bova@bovagems.com
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