Re: [gardeners] Creating a living gazebo``

Ron Hay (
Thu, 12 Jul 2001 08:04:12 -0700

Good morning, Carol, such an arbor sounds wonderful, indeed. You might
also consider a grape arbor, as two of our Armenian neighbors have
constructed. Such arbors provide beauty and delightful shade.

Of the trees  you mentioned, we have an extremely fecund semidwarf
apricot of the Blenheim/Royal variety. A Satsuma tangerine, a Robertson
orange, and a Sanguinelli/o blood orange, all of which are semi dwarves.
Our "Wonderful" pomegranate is only 3 years old andis growing like a
weed and has about 30+ fruit on it right now. You might also consider a
Panamint nectarine. Ours is 2 years old, semidwarf, and just LOADED with

Food for thought:)