Re: [gardeners] Creating a living gazebo``

Sharon Gordon (
Fri, 20 Jul 2001 18:49:34 -0400

There's a really fun one in Hopland, CA at the Real Goods site.  If you go 
to see
it you might try and time your visit for the upcoming festival.

They have a gazebo/pavillion with seating and a raised back portion which is a
planter.  There are olive trees back there.  Then there is a bowl shaped 
over the entire pavillion with lush hop vines growing to the top.  It's 
amazing how much cooler
it is under there.

Grape vines do work nicely too.  Also Kiwi vines.

In Williamsburg, VA, one of the restaurants has an outdoor eating area with an
arbor over it.  They have 3 different plants growing over it I think but I 
remember what they are.

You can also grow trees and graft their branches together to make a fence or
an arbor.