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Craig Watts (
Mon, 16 Jul 2001 07:02:50 -0400

Ohps, pardon my inaccurate discription as it IS a pressure canner. I do
know that the pressure cooker should NOT be used for canning. The wood
handles are on the bottom portion of the canner. They do have alignment
marks to gaurantee that the lid is in the full locked position.

About your jars being broken at the bottom. I have a small metal grate that
we put on the bottom of the vassel and load the jars on top of it. It is
only a 1/4" stand-off but keeps the jars from being right on the very hot
bottom of the canner. Are you using one of those?

BTW- the National is the same company that is now Mirro, and I have an
e-mail requesting info. Thanks of your input. I'll check out the Presto
site also. To anyone else wanting to know about canning, I do recommend the
link provided at the bottom of this reply.

Craig Watts

From: George Shirley <>
Subject: Re: [gardeners] George-Pressure canner
Date: Sunday, July 15, 2001 9:57 PM

Look up Mirro's web site and you'll probably find the parts you need.
that you may have to carve one from hardwood. Mine is a 35-year old Sears
Harmony Maid, aka Presto. I have found parts at the Mirro site and Sears
carries them too. If it's the round handle that has a long screw jobbie
down the middle you can get a one-inch hardwood dowel and drill the proper
hole in it. I hope your National is also rated as a pressure canner.
cookers don't usually have to handle the pressure a canner does.


Craig Watts wrote:
> George,
> We have the #7 Pressure cooker from the National Pressure Cooker Company
> (Now know as Mirro from an e-list at
> We've got a broken wood handle and would like to know your experience in
> getting parts. Where and who.
> Thanks
> Craig Watts