Re: [gardeners] Caught a night blooming cactus flower in bloom!

Janni (
Mon, 16 Jul 2001 20:24:38 -0500

BEEEEAUTIFUL!!!!!!  I have a lot of plants that I am so proud of bringing 
back to life from little cuttings!! Several years ago, well, a LOT of years 
ago, my daughter brought me a leaf, it was red and green and dying. I put 
it in water to please her. One year later, I had a 20 foot Coleus, snaking 
up my kitchen wall, around the ceiling and over to my bay windows. Some day 
I will scan the pics. My dead ex husband killed it by watering it with 


At 12:39 AM 7/14/01 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi Folks!
>I finally caught one of my night-blooming snake cactus plants right after 
>it opened! It will be limp and drooping by morning... which is when I 
>usually discover them. This afternoon, after realizing I missed one bloom 
>last night, I noticed another bud was very pregnant on a second plant, and 
>here it is tonight!
>This is from a cutting from a plant that used to grow on a swamp oak 
>behind my parents' old house in St. Petersburg, FL. It  would send out 
>roots into the oak leaf mulch at the base of the tree and spread out at 
>the base of the tree in long, branching sections, hence the name snake 
>cactus. It also would climb up the bark, and was about 30 feet high.  I 
>remember visiting one summer and seeing 30 dinner plate size blooms all 
>open up and down the tree. Quite a sight!  My plants are just twiglets 
>compared to the mama plant... one is maybe 2 feet long, the other 3.
>My mom must be smiling down from heaven tonight. She used to stay up every 
>year to get photos to send to me.   Now I finally caught one of my own. <g>
>Midnight in Sunland, CA