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Mon, 16 Jul 2001 21:25:35 +0100

why not just amend the soil, TO START, until it is fluffy and able to hold water
properly and yet drain correctly.  I always wonder why it is so very hard to get
anyone to see that the very first thing to do is to amend all the soil in the
entire yard FIRST. Then there will never again be problems of soil conditions.

bsk wrote:

> Penny it must be the age. My FIL floods everything he can! He even digs
> trenches around things, like a rose bush I gave mother in-law, to keep the
> burmuda out then wonders why the darn plant dies! He either drowns
> everything or blasts them out with the water hose. We have had a terrible
> time keeping him under control! People just don't realize how bad it is
> either. What is really fun is the fact that the ground there is all clay so
> as it dries hard as a rock on top the dirt just a few inches down is mud
> pie! I have shown him this so maybe he would understand and it still doesn't
> work.
>     Trying to get their yard planted is pure @#$%! First I tried to get
> something for Oklahoma sun that doesn't need a lot of water. She is also 80
> and can't tug the hose around. So I thought this would make life easier for
> her. What does she do? She goes around and pokes at the ground saying it is
> hard as a rock so she "thinks" it needs watering and she drowns them.
> Finally I got through to her that it doesn't work that way with this dirt.
> So now she is more careful. She also tries not to let her hubby go out and
> water things so he won't blast or float things away.
>    I tried getting her a spray gun nozzle and the first thing FIL did was
> break it. I think I will try one of those aluminum wands so she can reach
> way back there and see how long that lasts.
>    I did finally figure out that begonias, sedum autumn joy, petunias, moss
> rose and sometimes pansies like her so I plant them. It is a challenge but
> we are getting everyone retrained in all the things they forgot that they
> once knew. Her flower planter is just full of colorful pink flowers this
> year. Oh yes, she is also in the little old lady pink stage. So since
> everything looks prettier if it is pink that is what I plant. LOL I get
> major kiss up points every mothers day for planting her yard.
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> Okie zone 7a
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> > My husband believes that more water is always the cure
> > for plants which are doing poorly. He passes by the water
> > controls, and gives different things an extra drink -- today
> > I found a hose trickling onto the root area of a pink dogwood,
> > because he thought it was drooping. I got so exasperated that
> > I picked up the hose and threw in on top of a rhododendron
> > hedge -- Holy Toledo -- that was noon, and now it's midnight,
> > and that thing must be still running!


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