[gardeners] FW: about your plants.

Lon J. Rombough (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 16 Jul 2001 22:04:22 -0700

I thought people on this list might be interested in this letter.
From: Duncan McAlpine <mcalpin1@yahoo.com>
To: perennials@mallorn.com, pumpkins@mallorn.com, propagation@mallorn.com,
Subject: Re: about your plants.
Date: Mon, Jul 16, 2001, 6:27 PM

Ok, anyone who would like to help out, please do. She
caught me on a good day, so I do plan on sending some
seeds.  I am sure we could all send a few seeds.

--- Alina <agp@ic.kharkov.ua> wrote:
> Good day! My name is Alina. I'm from the Ukraine (it
> used to be a part of Russia). I was shocked by the
> beauty of your plants, so I decided to write to you.
> My parents have a plot with no plants and I wanted
> to ask you to help me to decorate it. But I have 1
> great problem. Our countries have very different
> standard of living, and I'm a student now. This is
> rediculous, but my "rised" stipend (I'm A'grade
> student) is $5. I wanted to ask you some seeds 3-5
> seeds of 1 or 2 plants or may be you can send me 1
> or 2 saplings. I beg you to send me just  a simple
> envelope with some seeds. I will remember it all my
> life. I so much want to have your beautiful plants!
> I understand, that my letter is very daring, but I
> so much liked your plants! And I'm so sorry, that I
> can't buy them.
> I belive, that there are a lot of  kind people, who
> can make my dream come true. May be this is you...
> Thank you for your time!
> I'm looking forward to your answer.
> Alina. 
Thank you for your letter! I'll use the mailing list.
I'll do my best 
grow not surviving, but living plant.
My adress is
Alina Proskurina
Osinovskaya 75
Kharkov region
the Ukraine
Thank you!