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Tue, 17 Jul 2001 00:06:16 -0500

How about this, because he is old. If you want to put it in his 'old man'
terms and his exact words he would say." Aw, L, that !@#$ ground don't
needed a !@#$$ thing. I grew cotton on ground just like that when I was a
kid. I'm not rich I don't need to spend no *@#$%  money on nothing to put in
there in the first place. Just throw a shovel of cow __ on it and it will be
just fine!
   Oh yes, don't forget the shovel of cow has burmuda grass sprouts in it.
LOL At this point in his life you don't normally tell him much of anything.
Usually you just try to do something when he isn't looking. He thought he
was getting great dirt when he told my son to get a few front end loaders
full dirt out of the bar ditch! (The ditch the water drains into on the road
that is full of sandy clay) They didn't ask me when they put dirt in those
planting areas. You might be shocked how much cottonseed hulls or whatever
it takes to compensate for that clay in there. I usually go through in the
spring and at least try to sneak something in around the transplants I put
in. Maybe some day before they die I will finally get the soil not so

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> why not just amend the soil, TO START, until it is fluffy and able to hold
> properly and yet drain correctly.  I always wonder why it is so very hard
to get
> anyone to see that the very first thing to do is to amend all the soil in
> entire yard FIRST. Then there will never again be problems of soil