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Bargyla Rateaver (
Tue, 17 Jul 2001 23:05:10 +0100

I know all about that. In Madagascar is an arid land tree whose white latex has a
very good rubber content. The USDA sent a man out, but he could not bring back the
plants alive, apparently.

So, when I left there for the US (to get college educ), I brought with me some of
those trees, packed dry in a wooden box, for the USDA, that my father packed.

. They were taken from me at NY customs, but I contacted USDA and they managed to
get the plants OK, and these plants ended up being grown on land owned by Univ Calif
at San Diego. The plants did not do well, and must have all died there. Probably no
one bothered with them, no personal interest.

On the other hand, I had also brought with me some gorgeously=flowered orchids, and
I ended up putting them in the greenhouse at UC Berkeley, where they were all

Anyway, it does not matter now, because chemistry provided a way to make artificial
rubber for tires, etc. and now nobody bothers about real rubber any more.

Oh, yes, I now see all around in nurseries descendants of some other plants I
introduced at that same time. One is a Euphorbia I see all over---reddish flowers.
Other people have made scads of money on propagations of those plants, but I never
got a penny out of it.

I also see a plant that at home was a very common weed, and now it is sold all over
as a Vinca.

George Shirley wrote:

> Janni: I've sent vegetable and flower seeds all over the world with no problem.
> Most nations forbid import of plants but allow seeds to go through. One such
> nation is the US of A, incoming plants must have phytosanitary certificates
> issued by the nation from whence they come and even then you might not get them.
> I generally mark the customs ticket on the outside of the package as to what
> they are, ie iris seeds, chile seeds, etc.
> George
> Janni wrote:
> >
> > When sending seeds to this country, be very careful not to write on the
> > outside what is inside. Laws very, but seeds are usually banned going from
> > country. I will be sending seeds. I will let you all know if they arrive.
> >
> > Janni
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> > >Thank you for your letter! I'll use the mailing list.
> > >I'll do my best
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> > >grow not surviving, but living plant.
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> > >Alina Proskurina
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