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If the handles are held on by a single screw through the middle, I'd
probably put the grain perpendicular to the screw (parallel to the side of
the pan.)  I think they would be less likely to split that way.  May not
matter a lot, depending on the choice of wood.

One way to cut the curve to fit the side of the pan is to use the router in
a jig where it can act as a compass.  You could attach the router base to
one end of a piece of 1/4 inch plywood with a hole for the bit to go
through.  Drive a nail through at the other end so that the distance from
the nail to the opposite edge of the router bit is the radius of the pan
(half of the outside diameter).  Then clamp the workpiece and a scrap block
of the same thickness to the workbench, and drive the nail into the scrap
block.  When you move the router it should cut a curve that will match the
pan.  You would do this first, while the piece of wood that was going to be
the handles was big enough to clamp down and still get at with the router.
You'd have to do it a little at a time, 1/4 inch or less, lowering the bit
and repeating until it was through.  If you cut a big enough arc out of the
side of a board you could use it for both handles -- the grain wouldn't
exactly parallel the sides of the pan, but it would be close.

A little work to set up, but it should give a nice result.  (And cutting
that curve with a Dremel would not be easy either.)


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> Grain pointing to the vessel should make the handle stronger I would
> George
> Craig Watts wrote:
> >
> > >Craig: Do you have an idea of what the handles look like or one of them
> > for an
> > >example? If so, send me a drawing and measurements and I'll see if I
> > make
> > >you a couple. that's if they're not too complicated.
> >
> > Thanks for the offer George. I have some hard wood and a router,
> > Should be able to re-create. Just easier as I found replacement handles
> > my bar-ba-que grill for $6.00 after contemplating re-creating them the
> > way.
> >
> > The dremmel will have to re-create the curve of the vassel and the
> > will smooth the outside surfaces. Guess I'll keep the grain pointing to
> > vassel (  =  ) vs. parrellel with it  ( || ). Would you agree?