Re: [gardeners] Saturday in the garden

George Shirley (
Sun, 22 Jul 2001 11:15:46 -0500

Oh yeah, if you don't they go into the soil and then make more later on. I've
got to get some more beneficial nematodes. This was the first year in 10 years
of gardening here that we got enough squash to have a few messes so I figure the
nematodes I sowed last year must have worked to a certain extent.


Margaret Lauterbach wrote:
> At 06:36 PM 7/21/01 -0500, George Shirley wrote:
> >Went out about 5 pm and picked about a gallon of okra, a few cukes and even
> >fewer tomatoes. The chiles will be ready to pick tomorrow. Heat index at 6 pm
> >was 100F so turned on the soaker hoses to the veggie gardens. Set on a
> >very low
> >flow rate so will probably leave them on all night.
> >
> >Pretty evident that the zukes are gone, infested with borers again. The other
> >squash, rampicante(sp?) is starting to wilt too. Checked the two that were
> >wilting and the borers are in them too and they're supposed to be borer
> >resistant. Oh well, haven't gotten the first squash off of them anyway.
> >
> >George
> George, do you destroy the borers that destroy your squash? Margaret L