[gardeners] Saturday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 21 Jul 2001 18:36:17 -0500

Went out about 5 pm and picked about a gallon of okra, a few cukes and even
fewer tomatoes. The chiles will be ready to pick tomorrow. Heat index at 6 pm
was 100F so turned on the soaker hoses to the veggie gardens. Set on a very low
flow rate so will probably leave them on all night. 

Pretty evident that the zukes are gone, infested with borers again. The other
squash, rampicante(sp?) is starting to wilt too. Checked the two that were
wilting and the borers are in them too and they're supposed to be borer
resistant. Oh well, haven't gotten the first squash off of them anyway.

Miss Sleepy Dawg still misses her Mom, she's been sitting in her place in a
front window most of the day. I had to leave for a couple of hours to run some
errands and the neighbor behind me said she was outside mourning until I came
home. Evidently she moans when she thinks we've gone off and left her. Ken, the
neighbor, said he let her in his yard for awhile but she wasn't interested in
playing with his dog. She sat on his lap and did a little low-level howl so he
put her back in the yard. She's asleep under my desk now with her head on my
foot, reckon she's worried I'll take off again.

Life is good.