[gardeners] dream shed

flylo@txcyber.com (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 22 Jul 2001 11:49:26 -0500

I wish I'd be able to buy 2 of everything! It's so frusterating to go for 
a hoe and realize it's over by the horses. I'd like to have small 
'weathered' cedar closets close to the areas I'm working in with 
enough duplicate hand tools to get the job done. If I find I've 
expanded out into the west field enough to have a trudge from 
storage cabinet to work area, just move the cabinet. 
Right now I have a large greenhouse (skin removed) that holds a 
good deal of my potting up things, and I'm just using a roll of field 
wire, tightly rolled up to 'stake' the long handled tools and I roll/drag 
that to where I'm working. Can be a real drag. And it's really hard 
weatherwise on the wooden handles if they're constantly exposed 
like that.
Hubby designed a new tack room/equip shed so I have access to a 
laundry sink, place to stack saddles and riding equipment, place to 
tack out 3 - 6 horses, plus a wall separating (same bldg) drive in 
gravel area for the larger yard equipment. Don't know when it'll get 
built but this is close to my ideal. 
Martha, (Texas)
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