[gardeners] Sunday in the shop.

Craig Watts (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 22 Jul 2001 20:09:51 -0400

Got that handle made for the pressure canner. Only took me 30 minutes once
I got my mind set to it. Used a belt sander mounted in a work bench thingy
w/ vise on top. The fun part was I had a particular piece of wood that I
was looking for and in my search came upon a better option. It was a 1 x 3
piece if Oak around 3 feet long that I had bought years ago.

The design is questionable to me. The handle is about 4" wide and the screw
holes are 1/4" to the edge so the screws can go up thru it into the rim of
the vessel. It gave right at the edge there. Making the knock-off was testy
as the screw holes had very tight talerences. Beveling the edge to meet the
pot's contour was tough but done well with the driving edge of the belt
sander. Grid on paper was OO buck paper.   :)

Oh well, looks great and is tighter than the original on the other side.
Put up 5 quarts of salsa today. And Randy, my 3 yr. old Red Savina Habanero
gave us our first red pepper today. Put it in with some sandwich peppers
for a little KICK.

Hope all is going well for all.

And George, thank you for your generous offer to help in this situation.

Craig Watts