Re: [gardeners] Sunday in the shop.

George Shirley (
Sun, 22 Jul 2001 19:55:11 -0500

You're welcome. You did basically what I thought I could do but probably better.
Many things we use daily have design flaws including pot handles. Sometimes I
think they really do plan for obsolesence when they design stuff.


Craig Watts wrote:
> Got that handle made for the pressure canner. Only took me 30 minutes once
> I got my mind set to it. Used a belt sander mounted in a work bench thingy
> w/ vise on top. The fun part was I had a particular piece of wood that I
> was looking for and in my search came upon a better option. It was a 1 x 3
> piece if Oak around 3 feet long that I had bought years ago.
> The design is questionable to me. The handle is about 4" wide and the screw
> holes are 1/4" to the edge so the screws can go up thru it into the rim of
> the vessel. It gave right at the edge there. Making the knock-off was testy
> as the screw holes had very tight talerences. Beveling the edge to meet the
> pot's contour was tough but done well with the driving edge of the belt
> sander. Grid on paper was OO buck paper.   :)
> Oh well, looks great and is tighter than the original on the other side.
> Put up 5 quarts of salsa today. And Randy, my 3 yr. old Red Savina Habanero
> gave us our first red pepper today. Put it in with some sandwich peppers
> for a little KICK.
> Hope all is going well for all.
> And George, thank you for your generous offer to help in this situation.
> Craig Watts