RE: [gardeners] Globe thistle

Dorsett (
Mon, 23 Jul 2001 10:32:22 -0500

Echinops are tap-rooted, and tap-rooted plants can be touchy to transplant.
I'd think the best time to try transplanting is in early spring, just before
or as it breaks dormancy.  If you do so, get as much of the root as you
can...and don't be too surprised to discover that what's left of your globe
thistle, what you can't get out to transplant, wants to live on in that old

They do seed around, so you might want to drop seeds from the old plant in
that new space...and wait a while.

Vegetative propagation of perennials-North Dakota extension service-suggests
propagating them via root cuttings taken in spring.

How to take root cuttings:

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> When is the best time to transplant Globe  Thistle plants?  Any
> suggestions
> for making the transplants successful?   Thank you!
> Diane Roeder
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