[gardeners] RE: Dream Garden Shed

Terry King (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 23 Jul 2001 09:11:38 -0700

Thanks for the great ideas.  The reason I asked is we just came across the
deal of the century on lumber and DH says I can build a garden shed however
I like.  My idea went suddenly from a basic 10 x 16 tool shed with lean-to
greenhouse to my own personal garden retreat/work space/tool
storage/greenhouse. My current idea is for a 16 x 20 "cottage" with a porch
on the N. side for a cool summer retreat and a pit greenhouse on the south
(thanks Lee-Ann and Margaret for that idea).  The inside will be insulated
and finished with shelves for pots, soil, fertilizers, seeds, season
extenders, and all my craft/spinning paraphernalia.  I'll have an area for a
potting bench (that might be in the greenhouse) and another for a craft work
table. I want lockers on the outside with pegs for hanging hand tools and
hoses.  I also want a nook with a big comfortable chair to curl up with a
book and a lock on the door so no one disturbs me. It may also have a loft
where I can store more stuff or have an extra sleeping place for guests. I
would like to add a wood stove for winter heat and eventually electricity.
I'm already daydreaming about the gardens that will lead to and surround my
new building.

Now I just have to be *patient* (a difficult task for me) while arrangements
for the lumber's arrival are made and time is scheduled to build it.  BTW: I
found great pre-drawn plans on the web.

E. WA. zone 4