Re: [gardeners] Re:Globe thistle

Diane /Bill Roeder (
Mon, 23 Jul 2001 19:56:13 -0400


Globe thistles are entirely different from what you're dealing with.  I
struggle with both Canadian and Bull thistle in my pastures, but globe
thistles are, shall I say, exuberant but not metastatic in their growth.

We have a three-sided shed in which we store firewood; access is needed most
during winter when the globe thistles are died back.  But my husband is
complaining that it's hard to put wood into the shed now, and I have to
agree that the globe thistle stands in the way like Rottweilers.  They would
make great plants for the back of a planting; they'd be great with daylilies
in front as someone mentioned.


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