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Wed, 25 Jul 2001 19:22:34 +0100

You mention natural dyes. I remember from childhood a time when my mother was
experimenting with  natural dyes for raffia. Raffia palms grew some miles away,
so the leaf epidermis--raffia strands--were always available. I still have her
old Farmer's cookbook with her handwriting in it, about the dyes, on the empty
first pages.. The trouble with most dyes in that long ago time was that they
were not "fast"--in the sense that they faded out in that hot glaring sun. So
she figured to make her own dyes from local plants instead of waiting 4 months
for things to arrive from US.

One was made from water lilies, that we could see growing in a swamp beside the
road on the way to another town.

Terry King wrote:

> I do dye my own wool and sometime prepare natural dyes so I do plan to have
> some racks for drying wool, finished yarn and stuff like that.  I have one
> of those wooden folding clothes drying racks that can be used for wool and
> herbs too.  Having enough room to use my stacking mesh sweater drying rack
> will be nice too.  I like that newspaper funnel idea.  I try it with the
> batch of tarragon I need to dry asap.
> Terry
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> > I think you can use a newspaper funnel type of thing over a bunch
> > of herbs
> > for drying that will keep them dust-free.  Do you dye your own
> > wool or need
> > a place to hang that?  Margaret L
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> > At 10:43 AM 7/23/01 -0700, you wrote:
> > >Oh!  Good idea Margaret. As long as I can keep it more dust free than my
> > >house. :-D
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> > >Now if I can just hold my breath long enough for my dream to
> > materialize....
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> > >Terry
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