Re: [gardeners] Raccoons

George Shirley (
Fri, 27 Jul 2001 19:21:51 -0500

Is she sure it's coons? They come and eat my vegetables, particularly eggplant, on occasion but
they've never dug anything up. On the other hand squirrels will dig up newly planted stuff looking
to see what's under it. I understand gophers will do that too. Only way I know to protect them is to
put a cage over them until they are established.


Gaye Stanton wrote:
> I hope this hasn't been discussed recently & I missed it but I have a friend
> who is having a terrible time with raccoons.  We went plant shopping
> yesterday & she planted her new plants & when she got up this am the
> raccoons had dug them all up.  Had left her other plants alone & only dug
> the new ones up.  As I live in town I have never had that problem so I am at
> a loss as to what to advise her.  Any ideas for my disgusted & disgruntled
> gardening friend?
> gaye
> E. TN z6