Re: [gardeners] Raccoons

Bargyla Rateaver (
Fri, 27 Jul 2001 17:14:15 +0100

I had trouble with racoons for a while, before some trees down below me were cut
down, and more activity around there. I got desperate enough to buy a big trap,
caught some and drove a long ways away, 30 miles or so and opened the cage and
the poor creature was so afraid that he didn't even dare to get out. I had to
shake him out. I also tried to release him, far away from my place, but near
homes where sprinklers were running==in case it was thirsty. I knew it could
find some way around for shelter, a new home maybe. Actually there is a kind of
a "thread" of land that goes around in a sort of far and away circle, so the
animals caught here eventually come back to the same place somehow.

I get so angry with creatures upsetting my garden, but have to keep reminding me
they don;t understand and anyway God made them too.

Gaye Stanton wrote:

> I hope this hasn't been discussed recently & I missed it but I have a friend
> who is having a terrible time with raccoons.  We went plant shopping
> yesterday & she planted her new plants & when she got up this am the
> raccoons had dug them all up.  Had left her other plants alone & only dug
> the new ones up.  As I live in town I have never had that problem so I am at
> a loss as to what to advise her.  Any ideas for my disgusted & disgruntled
> gardening friend?
> gaye
> E. TN z6


Bargyla Rateaver