Re: [gardeners] Vermin

Craig Watts (
Fri, 27 Jul 2001 21:30:40 -0400

My dad's story goes like this with squrrels:

caught some and drove a long ways away, 30 miles or so and opened the cage
the poor creature was so afraid that he didn't even dare to get out. I had
shake him out. I also tried to release him, far away from my place, but
homes where sprinklers were running==in case it was thirsty.   :(  poor
little thing.

 I knew it could
find some way around for shelter, a new home maybe.   :( I'm a bad human

Where are all these thinks coming from!!

Finally realised thay had stole his spare set of keys and would wait for
him next to the cage

yelling to their buddies in the trees..... "Common! Lets go for a ride in
the Pick-up truck again!"

(no sarcasim intended, just seems to be a common thread of man's invation
of the wilderness' world. I'd kill that green been destroying bunny if I
could only get my hands on him right now and in the spring he was just so