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Bargyla Rateaver (
Sun, 29 Jul 2001 09:42:10 +0100

thanks for the good info.

penny x stamm wrote:

> Bargyla, my friend in New Zealand has some suggestions for a
> true blue flower:
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> Hi Penny
> There was a long discussion on the Organic list only a few weeks ago
> on just this subject - a true-blue perennial for California, but I gather
> the climate is a considerble problem. I fear I didn't closely follow it,
> as my climate is so different, but I remember  suggestions like Chinese
> Forgetmenot (Cynoglossum) and Borage. Unfortunately, though they
> self-seed freely neither is perennial.
> I think it possible the perennial Anchusa azurea, which hales from Italy
> should suit the climate, though I don't temember it being mentioned. It
> apparently has several varieties and 'Opal" it seems is a bright blue,
> (though Lodden Royalist the only form which I  have seen is dark and
> rather purplish).
> Another menber of the Borage family which might grow there provided
> it got some shade is Brunnera, which also has good blue flowers.
> Unfortunately the glorous blue gentians of Europe are totally
> unsuitable, as they only seem to flourish in cool and preferably misty
> climates like Scotland. Even my summer climate is too hot to suit them
> and they just gradually fade away.
> Definitely no easy answer!
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> sent by Penny, NY
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Bargyla Rateaver