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Bargyla Rateaver (
Thu, 02 Aug 2001 13:06:42 +0100

but I just now see that Troybilt is going under. Terribly sad, they did so very much good.  I wonder
what happened.

George Shirley wrote:

> The newspaper article I read said Troybilt had to go to selling machines in the chain stores in an
> effort to stay afloat. For many years they only sold mail order or at their plant. I ordered mine
> nearly 40 years ago and it came Railway Express. That should give you an idea of how old that tiller
> and I are. I might add that it still has everything original including the spark plug. Of course it
> only gets used for a couple of hours a year. If we say 2 hours each time X 2 times a year X 36 years
> that's only 144 hours total run time. They're like that pink rabbit with the drum, just keeps on
> going.
> George
> wrote:
> >
> > I have two carts, one is one of those 'kit carts' where you supply
> > the plywood frame and the wheels, handle, etc are supplied by the
> > company. It's a wide flat cart with large wheels. One of the wheels
> > finally lost (split or rotted) the rubber off of it after about 20 years of
> > service. I do occasionally have to replace one of the plywood
> > boards though.
> > I like it because it isn't tippy, can hold a lot of (whatever you're
> > hauling), and the bigger wheels make it a snap to roll over any
> > terrain.
> > I also have a small plastic deep cart, useful for different things but
> > not as overall functional. Smaller wheels, lightweight, and smaller
> > carrying capacity. The good thing about this is that it's light enough
> > that if I haul stable cleanings to the compost, I can just flip it and
> > it's emptied. The bigger one is more awkward to empty like that.
> >
> > Troybilt: We just bought a tiller this year but Lowe's carries them
> > now. Maybe they're going under a different name or have been
> > bought out by some company that can supply the chain stores
> > easier than primarily mail order like Troybilt has been in the past?


Bargyla Rateaver