Re: [gardeners] zones and chickens

George Shirley (
Sat, 04 Aug 2001 08:22:06 -0500

Okay, you live in that nebbish zone there in central Texas. Can't decide whether to be piney woods
or limestone, farmers or commuters. I have an idea of the area now. Used to wander all about that
area when I was metal detecting. Used to be lots of old home sites that were easy to reach. You may
be right about the zone, I guess we could say you are on the cusp of 8 and 9 and sometimes 7. B-)

George wrote:
> George, Fairfield is about 60 miles N of us. (That's where my
> husband works.) Our farm, in turn, is about 60 miles N of
> Huntsville.
> And they (Fairfield) usually seem a bit hotter/colder and drier than
> we are. We get more rain up from the Gulf (and over from you guys,
> of course).
> Like I said, I think I'm in "ish" zone <G>!
> martha
> Oh, BTW: If any gardeners are also backyard poultry enthusiasts, I
> read recently that the hatcheries (Murray McMurray, Sandhill
> Preservation, Stromburgs, etc.) will be not doing any more mail
> order chicks in the future. Airlines have started refusing to
> renegotiate any more contracts, thanks to PETA boycotts and
> lawsuits.  Many of these hatcheries were doing an excellent job of
> preserving the heirloom species and now it'll be up to the individual
> farms and backyard breeders to keep them going.
> Just another nail in the small farmstead coffin.
> martha