Re: [gardeners] Cucumber relish recipe

George Shirley (
Sun, 05 Aug 2001 17:00:45 -0500

penny x stamm wrote:
> George, don't know how it escaped me, but I missed your
> posting of the cucumber relish recipe.  Do you still have it
> in a form for easy retrieval...?
> Our cuke seeds never got in the ground this summer. Jim
> is still nursing that lonesome single snow pea vine which sits
> in the empty veggie garden. Couldn't get the weed whacker
> started, brought it back to the repair shop where they showed
> him exactly how to start it, brought it home, no soap. So he
> started up the big hedge trimmer on a 50 ft line, laid himself
> down on his belly in the hay field (veggie garden), and sliced
> off the 18 inches of grass gone to seed which filled it, and raked
> it away. Then he did manage to start up the rototiller, and turn
> the  roots under. Now we have a virgin bed of inviting rich
> brown soil, and wonder if there is anything which we might
> plant at this late and hot date...?  Days have been 85* to 95*,
> with up to 98% humidity.  The first frost never comes until
> November. Any ideas?
> Penny
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Hot weather tomatoes, celebrity, heat wave, heat wave II, and beans, quick season beans should do

I'll get the relish recipe off to you asap off list.