Re: [gardeners] Applesauce/basil

George Shirley (
Mon, 06 Aug 2001 07:49:50 -0500

Annetta Green wrote:
> > I know there are a couple of folks on the list who are diabetic - as am I.
> I
> > came across some nice June apples and I want to make chunky applesauce in
> a
> > crackpot today. Question -- has anyone ever done this using Equal instead
> of
> > sugar? I fear Equal would break down in the prolonged heat of the
> crockpot.
> Rosemary,
> Try cooking the apples into sauce, then adding the equal to taste.  That way
> it does not have to cook.
> I would love some of your low or no sugar recipes.  I am a borderline
> diabetic, who is trying not to go over that edge that requires medication.
> I figure the lower I keep my sugar intake the less chance I will need it.
> It is good to see your name again too.
> Anne in FL
> zone 9b, sunset 26

Current thinking in diabetic diets is that sugar is just another carbohydrate. I calculate the
amount of carbs in it into my diet and have no increased blood sugar. When I went to artificial
sweeteners only I kept going hypoglysemic (low blood sugar) in my sleep. Scared the hell out of Miz
Anne when I would spazz out and start convulsing. Scared me too. Went back to small amounts of sugar
as part of the diet and hasn't happened since. I'm a type II diabetic and the local diabetic
specialist says I'm Syndrome X diabetic, older male with a pot belly and heart problems. Where do
they get these names for diseases? <VBG>

You can get some diabetic recipes off the net from the various diabetes foundations and others, even
SOAR and the other recipe archives have some. Do a web search and you'll probably get more than you
can ever use.