Re: [gardeners] OT (sort of) Carbonate Hardness in water?

David G Smith (
Mon, 6 Aug 2001 09:43:26 -0400

I think 8.0 is probably OK for goldfish.  They're going to tend to bring it
down anyway.

I used to have goldfish (in a tank, not a pond) and found a lot of useful
information on an e-mail list, you can find it here:

Some of the people on the list have very expensive show fish, but the care
is the same.  There's a lot of good information on the website, too.


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Subject: [gardeners] OT (sort of) Carbonate Hardness in water?

> Is anyone on the list familiar with the implications of KH (carbonate
> hardness) of water?  Last week I decided to setup a whiskey barrel pond
> include some goldfish.  I have the fish in an aquarium until the pond is
> ready.  I've been having a h*** of a time balancing the pH.  I've finally
> figured out that the problem is the carbonate hardness of our water.  The
> is so high (9 dKH or 161.1 ppm) that pH wants to stay around 8.0 and I
> it to be 7.0 (which it is, right out of the tap but becomes more alkaline
> it loses CO2)  Even adding a 7.0 buffer is not helping much.  Does anyone
> know of any tricks besides using deionized water?
> Now, I'm also wondering about the implications of carbonate hardness on my
> garden soil and plants?  It might explain a few things.
> Terry (off to boil some water for a partial aquarium water change
> how my simple whisky barrel pond became so complicated :-/)
> E. WA. zone 4