Re: [gardeners] Speaking of insects...

Janni (
Thu, 09 Aug 2001 20:35:45 -0500

Okay, let see if I can get through this without my system freezing up 
again. Like Lon said, call an agent. If they are anything like our 
foresters here who know everything there is to know about 
trees/plants/insects, they will be able to identify the beetle and tell you 
how to save your crop.


At 05:51 PM 8/9/01 -0700, you wrote:
>Then you have one of the native scarab or June beetle types.  Lots of
>species of these, so no way to know which one from here.  The Japanese
>beetles are in
>this general group, so they have a resemblence.
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> >No, Lon, I have seen Japanese beetles; but this one is about three times
> >the size of any Japanese beetle I have ever seen.
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