Re: [gardeners] Compostumbler

penny x stamm (
Wed, 15 Aug 2001 00:50:44 -0400

Norma, we bought a large Compostumbler a few years ago, from
a firm near Reading, Penna. It was really quite difficult to assemble,
and took the two of us plus some patience. After we had it all set
up on its stand and started using it, we realized that we could not 
keep on adding green stuff if we wanted it to become compost --
we had to put in as much as we had on hand, and then be sure to 
turn it every day, and in perhaps 14 days, the compost would be
ready. Actually what we needed was several tumblers, so we
would have a place for all the stuff which we amass in a week.
That would have cost too much, and would have taken up too 
much space, so we carefully took it apart, scrubbed it down, and
actually drove it back down to Pennsylvania ourselves!  They 
were most gracious, and immediately gave us our money back 
in full.
Penny, NY


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