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Terry King (
Wed, 15 Aug 2001 09:36:54 -0700

To be honest, I found assembling the tumbler a little tedious and one
definitely needs a mechanical inclination, nimble fingers and patience as
the nuts and washers are small.  The instruction say that it can be
assembled by one person and for the most part I was able to do it alone.
Fitting the sides into the end caps could only be done alone by a good
sized, well coordinated man.  My son helped me so I didn't kink the metal.
He also helped me carry and place the finished barrel on the stand.

Fortunately, I have two black compost bins from Costco ($35.00 ea.) that I
no longer need for composting that I can use to hold material to be
composted and finished compost as needed.  These bins are too for slow
making compost, they are awkward to turn material in and everything packs
down too tightly.  They do make decent compost but it takes more than a year
here in zone 4.  The ants also love making nests in the decomposing
material.  I also have cantaloupe seeds sprouting in all my potted plants
where I used my finished compost from these bins.  To bad my season is too
short for melons to grow well and mature. :-D

You can use the tumbler to cold compost and add new material regularly, you
just won't have compost in 14 days.


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> Norma, we bought a large Compostumbler a few years ago, from
> a firm near Reading, Penna. It was really quite difficult to assemble,
> and took the two of us plus some patience. After we had it all set
> up on its stand and started using it, we realized that we could not
> keep on adding green stuff if we wanted it to become compost --
> we had to put in as much as we had on hand, and then be sure to
> turn it every day, and in perhaps 14 days, the compost would be
> ready. Actually what we needed was several tumblers, so we
> would have a place for all the stuff which we amass in a week.
> That would have cost too much, and would have taken up too
> much space, so we carefully took it apart, scrubbed it down, and
> actually drove it back down to Pennsylvania ourselves!  They
> were most gracious, and immediately gave us our money back
> in full.
> Penny, NY
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