Re: [gardeners] Garden Reassessment

penny x stamm (
Wed, 5 Sep 2001 00:16:03 -0400

Hi, Ron -- we are just back from St.Louis and Chicago on our
Florence Nightingale run.  Indeed overtired.  We leave for San
Francisco on 9/13, and arrive in L.A. on the 16th, for a four-day
stay. Must return to St.Louis 3 weeks later. Cannot catch up on

With no warning, while we were absent an established 
rhododendron in a line of 5 decided to die back two-thirds. 
That's a dirty trick of Mother Nature. Cannot see any disease
or insect problem, and the watering is regulated. Ordinarily,
r.Nova Zembla is a rock of Gibraltar.....   we lost an r.P.J.M.
a few weeks ago, but I know that they are delicate. 

I did see a rose marked Our Lady of Guadalupe and passed it
over this June. JFK I purchased, but it and another died within
4 weeks. I am not sure how they were treated by the nursery
prior to my purchase.

Penny, NY


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