Re: [gardeners] Garden Reassessment

penny x stamm (
Wed, 5 Sep 2001 00:55:51 -0400

George, it is so fulfilling to be missed....   thanks for worrying.
And you were on the right track, of course. Even with the help
of two strong young helpers, we have not managed to get the
standing water to pass thru the sections of underground clay 
drainage pipe which Jim so lovingly dug up .....  Jimmie was
out there again today in his undershorts, pulling up mud, for 
we had expected a monstrous storm which never materialized.
Don't know what we will end up doing about all this . . . 

My #4 daughter used to look out the kitchen window at the
latest hole in the lawn, and comment, "Dad dig you another
grave today, Mom...?"  Now you may think that's improper, but
it is far better to joke about such things than to be frightened. 

My mail bounced because the mailbox was too full. God bless
them, but Juno doesn't bother to tell the members that this is 
the situation...  When I returned from Chicago, I conscientiously
hand deleted 75 messages -- my version of Juno will not allow 
me to do this in blocks, darnit! 

Penny, NY

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