Re: [gardeners] Garden Reassesment

Annetta Green (
Wed, 5 Sep 2001 05:54:02 -0400

I love portulacas also.  They do brighten up a garden.  Here they do not
reseed very well.  Maybe it is to wet for them during our summer rainy
season.  This is the first year they were not available at the nursery.
Either that or they sold out before I got there.  These little beauties will
bloom most of the winter too, as long as they are near the cement.  Thanks
for reminding me of such a great plant.  I will see if I can find seed if no
plants are available.
Anne in FL
zone 9b, sunset 26
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> Hello, Anne,
> Here in Los Angeles, the star performers by way of blossoming plants in
> our garden in the infernal heat of the SF Valley are our portulacas.
> They bloom and bloom and bloom in a riot of color. They require very
> little moisture, take full hot (105+) air temps, and the cool damp
> nights. We are Sunset Zone 18, which only roughly approximates zone 9b.
> Would they do for you? The colors are just plain dazzling...especially
> through polarized sunglasses.
> Ron
> Van Nuys, CA