Re: [gardeners] Garden Reassesment

Ron Hay (
Wed, 05 Sep 2001 07:53:47 -0700

Good morning, Anne,

You must be on the flip side of Southern California for some plants. Our
portulacas die out as days shorten. So far, many of ours re-seede from
last year, not the frilly, deliciously fussy hybrids, but still
beautiful blossoms.

I have found that the chief determinant in what will grow and when is
the length of the days. With temperatures during our rainy season (late
November-March) not appreciably cooler than at many other times of the
year, many plants simply will not bloom for us at that time of year.
Calendulas, Iceland poppies, callas, pointsettias and rosemary being
notable exceptions.

I have found the seeds very easy to grow: I just rake the earth a bit
and scatter the seeds, and voila!, a gazillion plants.

Have a great day!