Re: [gardeners] Garden Reassessment

Ron Hay (
Wed, 05 Sep 2001 07:44:44 -0700

Good morning, Penny,

You have been a busy lady recently! When I travel that much, I sometimes
have to stop to think what day it is and where I am.

Plants, it seems, can just "up and die." Last year, we had a vibrant
purple hibiscus, which are so hardy that the Getty plants them in huge
pots on white travertine steps in the blazing heat. With us, it just
curled up its toes and died, for no apparent reason.

It really is hard to know how nurseries or the shippers treat plants. We
had purchased bare root stock in the past, but have opted to buy roses
in containers this year, to see what the actual blooms look like; and,
in our case, the soil is warm enough in summer (boy, is that ever an
understatement!) to encourage rapid root growth, so as to enable
themselves to establish themselves better before the onslaught of the
rainy season.

Here in the Valley, it's a matter of experimentation with roses, as some
"fry" in our torrid summer heat, while others do very well. The blossoms
on Double Delight, typically, last a day in the hot sun, while Olypiad's
and Veterans' Honor's thrive in do OLG's. I guess one can only
ever learn which ones do best by relying on the expertise of others in
the area, and on what occurs in one's own back yard.

Last week, a friend on another list who specializes on brugmansias,
Angel's trumpets, presented me with 5 from his nursery. I have never
grown them before, nor am I sure how they will do, but look forward to
those spectacular tropical blooms.

As for getting caught up, I am afraid that will never happen in my

We know how jam-packed your schedule in L.A. will be, but we hope you
will at least be able to stop by for a glass of iced tea.

Well, I must get out to the garden before work. Everything needs
watering.  I was hampered in my effort at watering lately when some
neighborhood punk slashed our front hose, as s/he has done to those of
several of our neighbors over the course of the last few weeks. What a
downer to have a brand new 40-dollar hose slashed, and the water turned
on, when one arrives home!

Enjoy your day, try to pace yourself, and keep cool.