Re: [gardeners] World Trade Center blast

penny x stamm (
Mon, 17 Sep 2001 02:00:37 -0400

Ron, I did not realize that so much of the country closed down
along with us...  My new high school senior garden apprentice
came over on Saturday and together we pruned and chopped 
and cut like mad -- venting our agitation. He said that his Poli Sci
teacher had held an important conversation with the students,
answering lots of questions and postulating future events. And
to my surprise, this being public school, they had four moments
of silence during the day...  

We are indeed happy that Craig escaped harm!  It must have been
a nightmare for your own family during the day, just as it had
been for all those others involved in the situation. My brother-in-law
reached home late Tuesday night, and phoned the home of the
good friend with whom he had that 11:00am appointment on the
76th floor -- the friend ANSWERED the telephone with the greeting,
"Where the Hell were you...?"  He had been in the 2nd building when
the first plane hit, and had decided to get out of there as fast as he
knew how. That ended up meaning 18 minutes between strikes, 
and somehow he managed to get down and get out and get away,
in time. One bit of good news, at least.....

I do feel very bad for those clients of yours who wanted to sell their
home. Where could they hope to go, to escape the problem? 

Penny, NY, still dazed



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