[gardeners] Composting wood RE: Rain

Terry King (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 27 Sep 2001 06:46:35 -0700

Margaret,  I think that's a great idea but you should have seen the look I
got when I told James.  "Are you serious?!" I said " yes, it would be
something useful to use that D6 cat for."


Actually, we do have a place, way up on the hill, where the cattle used to
loaf when we moved here and our horses still like to hang out that had a lot
of down wood.  With all the manure the animals have provided its very nice
humus now.  Too bad its is up a 50+ degree, 1/8 mile slope with no way to
get it down other than schlepping it by hand.


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> Terry, as an alternative, you could compost the rotten lumber. I
> think it's
> called hugelculture, but amazingly I can't find more than one
> reference to
> it via Google.  Lay the lumber on the ground and top with layers of earth
> and manure.  You can compost fairly large limbs in this way too.
> Margaret L
> >Wow!  Such service.  The clouds blew in from the south and it started to
> >rain last evening and has continued to rain all night.  It hasn't been a
> >hard rain but steady and I think it actually has the soil moist several
> >inches deep, I'll have to wait until full light to go out and check.  No
> >puddles though so soil isn't saturated but its a good start.
> >
> >I hope its enough to lift the burn ban so I can burn all the
> rotten lumber
> >from the torn down sheds.
> >
> >Thanks to all who wished for rain!
> >
> >Terry
> >E. Wa. zone 4