Re: [gardeners] Multi-tasking

penny x stamm (
Mon, 1 Oct 2001 01:34:44 -0400

I'm not sure I'd call it 'fun' living here, George. There's usually
a catastrophe a day and that drives up Jimmie's appetite which
is hard enough to keep up with at any time...

If you have a man turning 80 in January who rides his bicycle every 
day without a helmet, who runs naked out into the back yard to check
the amount of water in the holes he has dug in the midst of a thunder
storm, and who runs his new laptop right in front of his desk top
computer, doing different things and they jam up -- then I would say 
that life in this house is challenging. Especially for me. I am visibly

We must return to St.Louis on Thursday to be with our son-in-law,
and American Airlines changed our reservations without notifying us --
thanks a bunch!  When I called to verify last Thursday, they told me,
only they did NOT allow enough time for us to get from one terminal
to the other in Chicago, so we fixed everything to a change in
Detroit. Then I waited for 4 hours for their computers to digest all
the changes, and I called to request an electronic ticket, so we can
get on the plane, for heaven's sake. On Friday it arrived via e-mail,
only it was an e-ticket for the cancelled trip! Yikes --- I called back
and they said 'no problem', and on Saturday they mailed me an
itinerary, not an e-ticket. . . .  .  I called and they said 'no
it and a valid I.D. will get you on the plane...  Yeah, sure, uh-huh.
I guess I must bring it all up to the local ticket counter on Monday,
and square it away. What a revoltin' development...!  

I feel my age.

Penny, NY


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