Re: [gardeners] Wednesday in the garden of life

George Shirley (
Thu, 11 Oct 2001 08:31:42 -0500

That's what happened to Khalil, our cockatoo. We left him in Saudi with friends while we went on 6
weeks vacation and he plucked himself bare. After that his feathers just didn't grow back right
although we never caught him plucking himself after that. I asked a bird vet here about that and he
said it was probably because he felt abandoned or something. The vet was probably right as I bought
the bird when he was a fledgling and handfed him for the first month, he probably thought I was his

Sorry about the mare, sick animals can be a big problem since they can't actually tell you what the
problem is. Vet used to give ours a high colonic washout when they got that way, only thing that
worked I guess. Either that or it was easier for him, he was sort of an impatient type.

It's raining off and on here again. Hard driving rain about 0600 for 15 minutes and we get those
hard showers frequently now. We do need the rain but I would prefer a gently rain lasting a couple
of days rather than this thunder shower stuff.

George wrote:
> Hi George, we're getting your rain now. Last night John insisted we
> bring Igor inside rather than leaving her in the greenhouse. Igor is a
> blue and gold macaw, badly feather plucked (her own doing), and
> can't stand a lot of temp changes. The greenhouse is awaiting it's
> wintertime plastic skin so her cage was rather exposed.
> I have an older Arabian mare that colicked yesterday so I've been
> oiling her, walking her, and listening to her intestines, hoping for a
> gurgle or two. (Of course all the vets in Leon County have gone
> somewhere.) Up at 4:30 am and she looks better but still no poops
> during the night, so she's still blocked. Walking her and walking
> her until the rains hit. We were on the far side of the pasture when
> it started to sprinkle. Of course running is out of the question with
> her in so much pain. By the time we got to her stall, we were
> soaking! (And it's not even daylight yet.) Oh well, at least Igor is
> happy, and so are the pot plants I set out on the deck yesterday.
> martha