Re: [gardeners] Children, for Billie

Billie (
Thu, 11 Oct 2001 14:41:37 -0400

on 10/11/01 1:45 PM, George Shirley at wrote:

> You would like my daughter, the Early Childhood Development teacher. She
> started a gardening program
> at Splendora, TX about 8 years ago with the ECD kids first and then it spread
> throughout the
> district. She's moved to Spring Branch ISD now and is teaching kindergarten
> but is hoping to get
> back into ECD and start another teaching program using gardening. She has told
> some sad stories
> about the little children in her classes and the abuse they were subjected to
> and the neglect most
> of all. Her mother and I like to think that we taught her enough about
> gardening to ensure she had a
> lifelong love for it.
> George

It sounds like you did - that is difficult and wonderful work she is doing.