RE: [gardeners] Re: the garden and wildlife

Rosemary Carlson (
Mon, 15 Oct 2001 10:58:35 -0400

George: I know you're right. I've "raised" this buck from a fawn - but I
realize he's a wild animal (though you'd never know it by the way he acts!).
I just hope he's still ALIVE. Gun season is over. Muzzle loading season just
starting. During this time of the year (rutting), I don't see my buck. He
vanishes for a period of weeks. In late November or December, he shows back
up and his antlers are starting to look kinda weak and mangy! When he
finally comes back, he's back to his friendly self. I cannot, in my wildest
dreams, imagine him attacking me.......though I don't get around him in
rutting season. IF he's here, it's at night and I don't see him. Thanks for
your concern - and you are SO right.

The does seem more aggressive than the buck. It gets funny sometimes. When
they are at the feeders, they get mad at each other and rear up like a horse
and hit each other with their hooves. There is only one doe that will get
close to me and, like the buck, she's been here since she was a fawn. She
eats out of my hand (as does he). When I say the other does don't get close,
"close" is relative. They never go more than 6 feet away even when I'm
feeding them!

Here's a (nongardening) funny story. The deer NEVER eat my plants. Why? I
feed them. They don't need to. BUT, if, one day, there is no food, 2-3 of
the does get up on my front porch (my house is kinda like a Louisiana Cajun
cottage - covered front porch going the width of the house) and tromp around
and look through the windows. If I'm out of food for some reason, I hide
from them. Can you believe THAT!? How silly!

Guests here think I live in a place similar to where Elizabeth Taylor in the
movie about Africa and elephants (Elephant Walk? Can't remember) lived,
where the elephants eventually took down her house. I hope my guests are
wrong - but it's close! :) The eldercare giver that took care of my mom here
for three years before she died last Christmas (Dec 24 if you can believe
that) always told me she felt like she was working in a game preserve!

When my mother was alive, she loved to watch the wildlife shenanigans around

I'm thinking about having my yard/property (I have about 2.5 acres - only
about 1/2 acre in grass and the rest in forest) declared a backyard habitat.
Probably will if I ever have the time.

Sometime, remind me to tell all of you the story about the baby raccoon
trapped under my birdbath last summer and my middle of the night phone call
to my vet! :) Also remind me to tell you about my deer who only has 3 legs!

Bonnie - there is no dog door. My screened porch isn't finished - so it's
kinda a "mud room." Thus, Murphy (watch dog - world's greatest dog!) I just
prop open the screened porch door for him. No animal invasions in 3 years!
We'll hope for continued success! :)

Rosemary - who seems to have gotten chatty! :)

P.S. (lots of slugs around here!)