Re: [gardeners] Uprooting Shrubs

Margaret Lauterbach (
Wed, 17 Oct 2001 06:44:14 -0600

We dug around the shrubs, hewing off lateral roots that cut across our 
trenches,  then kept pushing the shrub over to get at roots below. One 
shrub came out easily, since our neighbor showed up with his tow truck, 
threw a chain around the shrub (we already had dug a trench around the 
shrub) and popped it out. If your  shrubs are near the street, it might pay 
to call a tow truck to do that for you. You will have to dig around the 
shrubs first, though.  Margaret L

>  Does anyone have tips or perhaps URL's on how to remove the stumps and root
>systems of evergreen shrubs?
>Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.