Re: [gardeners] Uprooting Shrubs

David G Smith (
Wed, 17 Oct 2001 09:41:43 -0400

Before you do any digging or stump-pulling in the city, be sure there are no
water or gas lines or other buried utilities there.


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> We dug around the shrubs, hewing off lateral roots that cut across our
> trenches,  then kept pushing the shrub over to get at roots below. One
> shrub came out easily, since our neighbor showed up with his tow truck,
> threw a chain around the shrub (we already had dug a trench around the
> shrub) and popped it out. If your  shrubs are near the street, it might
> to call a tow truck to do that for you. You will have to dig around the
> shrubs first, though.  Margaret L
> >  Does anyone have tips or perhaps URL's on how to remove the stumps and
> >systems of evergreen shrubs?
> >
> >Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
> >Raven