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George Shirley (
Wed, 17 Oct 2001 11:32:53 -0500

You might try to sell the timber, black walnut is in high demand for gunstock wood, furniture
making, etc. Cousin in Missouri sold one for nearly 2 grand a few years back.


bsk wrote:
> Country life does have it's advantages other than never having ridden a
> train, subway or taxi. LOL That is interesting about the tree removal rule.
> So for your money you need to really see if they have the stuff to grind
> down the stump. We are going to have a 100 black walnut removed from the new
> house we bought for daughter some day. It is right up against the house and
> over the master bedroom. Someone asked me yesterday why when it has been
> there for a 100 years? I told him that it was because this is windy, tornado
> alley Oklahoma and just because we bought the place something will land that
> tree on top of my daughter some night when they are sleeping! Hey I know how
> her luck goes. I will be sure to ask if they can get rid of the stump also.
> If not we will cut it off to make a good seat. if it sprouts we will drill a
> few deep holes in the top and some activated bread yeast in hopes of
> starting the rotting process.
>       We would try cutting it down ourselves but it is too tall for the
> front end loader on the 64 horse JD cab tractor and I don't want our
> insurance to have to cover any damage. We will let them do it with a cherry
> picker and their insurance.
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> > Bonnie, we are forbidden to burn anything at all whatsoever in
> > an open fire except charcoal for dinner.
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> > When we needed to remove about 5 stumps, we called in a
> > man who used a machine to grind them out. Our local law
> > says that when one contracts to have a tree cut down and
> > removed, that only means down to a 2 ft stump.
> >
> > Penny, NY