Re: [gardeners] Uprooting Shrubs

Teressa Kandianis (
Wed, 17 Oct 2001 09:54:19 -0700

My method will work anywhere - I hook up a line to the back of my car, a
chain or a rope depending on the thing I'm trying to move, hook it up around
the tree or shrub and then pull it out with my car.  This works with most
anything except big stumps.  Actually, I've often used this when I want to
transplant something big - and haven't really had any transplant fail.  Of
course, I don't attempt to transplant the things that obviously won't make
it.  The first time I used this method, I was trying to dig up a fairly big
Young's weeping birch.  The roots went on forever and I finally asked my
husband to help.  He took a look at it, got the chain and hooked up and
pulled it out - ripping the long roots apart.  I was speechless with horror.
However, in a snit, I went ahead and planted it in its destination spot and
I don't think the thing even lost any leaves.  Except those scraped off as
we pulled it across the driveway.

Radical, but it works.  Teressa in NW Washington