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Bargyla Rateaver (
Sat, 20 Oct 2001 19:49:38 +0100

various animals seem to enjoy fruits, including avocado. I planted so many,
figuring on not having to buy fresg fruit again, but now I get nothing at all.
Everything is taken. For a while I thought it was animals, but then I saw the
cut ends that could not have been done by animal teeth.So I looked for ingress
by humans, and FOUND PLENTY. So I have been trying to find ways to keep out
human thieves. At one spot I saw whole branches of a fruit shrub had been
wrecked to provide ingress. There just not seem to be any way to keep out
thieves, no matter how I try.

Some of it must be by animals, judging by the teeth marks.

Along the front, by the sidewatlk, I had a long strip of a special , old,
plastic weblike material. One morning it was gone. Can't get that kind of
thing any more. So many thieves here, but neighbor says it is the same all
over, even in wealthy La Jolla.

I have tried so hard to make the front, by the sidewalk, attractaive, since
there are older folks who use that  sidewalk for their "health walking'. But
it seems there is no way to do it that is thief-proof. Anyone have ideas?
====== wrote:

> <<  Have you
> checked out the Western Garden Book? Have you checked any of the
> passiflora websites? >>
> None say one way or the other.  Maybe they need to be older.
> I finally have avocados on my 8 y/o old tree!!!!!  Only 12 fruits but hey
> that's a start.  Now if the squirrels don't get them before they get ripe.
> Mary-Anne


Bargyla Rateaver